Step-by-Step Guide On Facebook Re-marketing For Ecommerce Businesses.

Learn the little known secret to winning back abandoned carts and missed opportunities to sell.

Give your best shot at explaining the #1 benefit your leads will get.

If they optin to download your eBook.  This is the best and conversion optimized space for you to attract them. You can also list out everything you want them to know. 

  • This list is for people who just want to skim through. 
  • Make sure you have great points here, that makes them optin.
  • You can still feature some important benefits which are more prominent, that they need their dedicated space below.

Please note: everything you see on this page is just demo content and placeholders. You don't have to have this line on your landing page.

Why You Should Download?

FREE! You don't have to pay

Explain all the other benefits/topics that your eBook covers. In a short and descriptive way. 

Trigger their decision making

Giving them more impactful information can trigger their decision making & might push them to optin.

It will not be FREE forever.

pull that "fear of missing out" nerve in them. Tell them why your eBook will not be available for free, forever. And they will miss out, if they don't act now.

What Our Readers Say

Mary Angela

This ThriveThemes template is great. All I have to do is to download it and upload it in my Thrive Architect. I just have this beautiful, working optin page in seconds.

John Doe

I run an agency and I regularly get requests from my customers to build their optin pages. And it's always been a hassle without the right team.

Now, all I need is this template and a few seconds to meet the needs of my customers.

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